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The seeds for my career as a photographer were planted at a young age. My father was an enthusiast photographer, who as a young man, shot in black and white and set up a dark room in my Nonno's garage. As my younger sister and I were growing up, he was always behind the camera, making sure that our childhood was well documented. Since he bought me my first point and shoot camera in middle school, I have always enjoyed making photos, but it wasn't until I myself started to want children, that I bought my first DSLR, hoping that I too would be able to capture the fleeting memories of our lives together when they arrived.

As I prepared to welcome them, I received formal training, practiced my skills, and began to shoot professionally for friends and neighbors. The positive responses I received to my work are what inspired me to launch Bruna Photography. Several years later, I still love each opportunity to pick up my camera and capture a special moment for a client.

Whether I am photographing a family, making headshots, or documenting a special event, I seek to recognize the spark of the divine within each of my subjects. I see love, beauty, and talent in every person, and want that to come through in my images. When they look back at the images, I want my clients to feel known, to recognize the best version of themselves, and for the images to allow them and their loved ones to fondly recall that particular moment in their lives.

I understand being in front of the camera requires a certain amount of vulnerability. My goal is to honor that feeling by creating a safe, comfortable and fun space for us to work together.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to learn more about a photography session. I would be happy to answer your questions.

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Tel: 240-274-8080

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